One of my favorite things…



I haven’t been as diligent with the blog as of late. I’ve decided I’m going to keep posting pictures till I get to 365 but not put the pressure of doing one per day because some days aren’t worth pictures while other days are worth many. I do, however, plan to keep it in the year of 2013…. otherwise I sort of lost the point of the project. Right?

I was finally accepted into the Dribbble design community which makes me feel like one of the big kids. In celebration of this success I present you useless and oh-so-hip piece of typography. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a series of these things.



Every now and again I get a type of design request that is completely out of my spectrum of normalcy. Challenging, and weird.. which is great! The above is one of those weird requests. Not only did I get to challenge myself but I got to do some original design for Armed Forces Entertainment and the Miami Dolphins! I’m pretty happy with it overall and am totally giving myself a personal high-five.