One of my favorite things…



I haven’t been as diligent with the blog as of late. I’ve decided I’m going to keep posting pictures till I get to 365 but not put the pressure of doing one per day because some days aren’t worth pictures while other days are worth many. I do, however, plan to keep it in the year of 2013…. otherwise I sort of lost the point of the project. Right?

I was finally accepted into the Dribbble design community which makes me feel like one of the big kids. In celebration of this success I present you useless and oh-so-hip piece of typography. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a series of these things.



Every now and again I get a type of design request that is completely out of my spectrum of normalcy. Challenging, and weird.. which is great! The above is one of those weird requests. Not only did I get to challenge myself but I got to do some original design for Armed Forces Entertainment and the Miami Dolphins! I’m pretty happy with it overall and am totally giving myself a personal high-five.

Can’t you wait til after Monday for your fruity loops?

The Marketing Department I work for runs a Facebook page which is used to help promote events for an organization. Of course this means we get countless e-mails that really don’t have much to do with what we actually do but we always try to help when we can.
Some of those e-mails and requests are above and beyond the scope of…sanity? And I had two very special ones I thought I’d share, from the same person.
Any information that could identify the person or organization they’re blathering about has been edited in brackets, everything else is exactly how they wrote it.


I didn’t get a [name of the monthly magazine I design] until today and noticed we missed the holiday big kids winter wonderland. Please stop putting things on 1ST AND 2ND OF THE MONTH BECAUSE WE MISS EVENTS!!! I wish you would have more Family events. I have two kids that hate it here. Why do have so much for single people but one or two things for kids my kids are not wanting those things. You need to have free or really cheap classes like art classes for kids fun afterschool programs or date night where the Youth center watching the kids and [your organization] has datenight pick up the couples and take them to dinner somewhere out in town to good food and not fish! Youth center has babysitting nights but nothing was happening that night and no idea where to go.

We print and distribute the mentioned magazine 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each month, and we make it available for viewing and download on our organization’s website.
Also, 70% of all the event programming is kid friendly.
Yeah, and fish…. Ewww.

Why can’t you guys show Jack Reacher on a friday or Saturday night. I would love to get a sitter and have both me and my hubby watch it but can’t because we can’t watch it on a thursday night. You guys never have anything good on a friday or sat night. Can you guys team up with the youth centers [closer to my location] to host date night for parents to have sitters for kids to play with other kids. Dinner and a movie for parents at the movie theater. You GUYS NEVER have good movies on the same night they host parents night out at the afterschool youth center. skyfall, taken 2 would be good movies to have on a friday night or saturday night. I would love it if you guys could host a dinner and movie night. You know an Italian 3 course meal and not the stuff they sell at the [local fast food restaurant]. The food is awful. But the drinks are ok. Please please do this idea.


I really just didn’t have any response to this…