14.365 v2

Deployment is never easy. 

So much for a festive Halloween. 




We drove our friend Dave to the airport, like friends do for each other. He left his car with us which was wonderful since our own has been in the shop for the past week. This morning when we got up to go get coffee and run other errands we came to an explosion of glass all over the sidewalk and inside the car.

Only gas coupons were taken, which I’m sort of okay with. If someone needs something then more than us I get it, but there was no reason to destroy our things to get them. We probably would have gave them away or at least found a way to help.
Since everything else of value was left in the car it just makes it more obvious it was purposely an American’s car that was targeted. Main street, under lights with a number of other cars closer and more accessible.

In front of our home, in our town which we love is the worst part. This is the first time Sicily has made me sad.



You’ve been smacked!

After weeks of checking the mail like a kid waiting on x-ray glasses bought from the back of a comic book I finally got my skates!

Awesome! No, not so awesome at all. These skates are everything I wanted down to the leather but they’re a size too small and I’m one sad, sad panda. I’ve been waiting to skate with the girls for a month now. Going to practice to watch or take pictures, killing myself in the gym to build up a very needed core, and even started doing yoga (standing on my head is really not my thing).

The car is in the shop, it won’t stop raining, and I just want to skate.

(I should mention that Roller Girl Skates did nothing wrong and they’re a fabulous company to deal with.)